Car2ResQ Service Terms

In the event of a breakdown on the road or at home where the vehicle cannot be driven we will perform whichever one of the services below at its sole discretion it deems to be necessary:

1. Technical Assistance: will be given on the phone to diagnose the problem that may help to get the vehicle running or;

2. Minor Roadside Repairs: Allianz Worldwide Partners will dispatch a service provider, up to the kilometres threshold set for each plan calculated from the nearest attending service provider. In any event Allianz Worldwide Partners will not be responsible for the cost of any parts or components for the roadside repair of the Vehicle, other than minor breakdown repairs to facilitate the immediate mobilisation of the Vehicle up to the maximum labour hours as specified in each plan per event. Allianz Worldwide Partners will also not be responsible or liable for any costs arising from work carried out by a repairer chosen by the Members or recommended repairer by Allianz Worldwide Partners other than for immediate mobilization of the car, and all such costs for additional repairs undertaken by a repairer are the member’s responsibility.

In the event of flat or faulty batteries, AWP will assist to jump start flat batteries or coordinate battery replacement. The cost of a replacement battery (such as, but not limited to, the supply and delivery of a new battery) shall be borne by the Members.

Flat tires will be changed using the Vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel or if necessary, the Vehicle will be towed to an approved tire outlet or authorised repairer, whichever is the nearest. Should additional services be required beyond this due to multiple flat tires, the spare tire being unserviceable, or the unavailability of replacement wheel studs or locking wheel nut key, towing is provided free of charge up to the towing limits specified.

In the event that the Vehicle has run out of fuel, AWP will deliver sufficient petrol or diesel fuel for the vehicle to travel to the nearest available refuelling facility.

Towing: In the event of a breakdown on the road or at home where the vehicle cannot be driven, the vehicle will be towed to the members preferred service centre, authorized service centres or member’s home within the Membership Service Limits. Additional mileage above the Membership Service Limit will be bear by the members. In any instance following vehicle recovery where the member requests the vehicle to be placed in storage, all costs associated with the storage and subsequent towing will be at the Member’s expense. In the event of an accident, AWP will assist to tow the Vehicle to an authorised repairer and the cost of towing may be claimable according to the terms of the member’s motor insurance policy, if applicable. This towing service includes breakdown or accident that happens due to the flood (where applicable).

We will not tow member’s vehicle if mechanical failure has caused panel damage or impact damage, or where damage is as a result from any wilful or malicious act/s, or where any damage was caused as a result of vehicle theft or attempted theft.

We will not tow member’s vehicle if it is not, at our sole discretion, reasonably accessible and readily trafficable by a standard two wheel drive tow vehicle fitted with standard towing equipment (e.g. low roof car park, at the back of a building, etc.), or where it is loaded beyond it’s legal limit, or where it is considered not otherwise safe to move or transport. Towing will be provided to member’s vehicle provided standard towing equipment can be used and any surcharges re-use of special equipment such as go jacks / jinkers / winches and/or use of heavy capacity towing equipment, will be at member’s expense. This benefit does not apply if the Vehicle has been fitted with a body that requires heavy haulage towing due to height, width or length. In those circumstances, AWP will coordinate towing for the Vehicle, but all costs will be the Members’ responsibility.

Flat Battery: Where our service providers determine that member’s vehicle has a flat battery, where appropriate we will try to start it using surge protected jumper leads or, if we ascertain that the battery ran flat as a result of some other primary cause, e.g. Failed charging system or other electrical or starter fault, the vehicle will be towed to members preferred service centre within the Service Limits. If the battery needs to be replaced, then at the member’s request and expense we will assist you to arrange for a mobile battery replacement service where available.

Please Note:

A subsequent call-out for the same reason within the same 24 hour period will be only provided at the member’s expense. Further, following a call-out for a flat battery or other “no start” situation as described above, where the primary cause of the “no start situation” is a faulty battery, faulty charging, electrical or starting system component, this fault/s must be rectified by a suitably qualified service centre before the vehicle can qualify for further roadside assistance regarding the same matter. A subsequent call-out for assistance where the “no start situation” is due to a required repair not being attended to, assistance will be provided at the member’s expense.

3. Out of Fuel: If member’s vehicle runs out of fuel, enough fuel will be supplied at the roadside to the nearest petrol station. Where this is not possible for any safety related or any other reason, (e.g. LPG fuelled Vehicles or where packaged petrol or diesel is not physically available at roadside), the vehicle will be towed to the nearest fuel station within the Service Limits and any fuel purchased will be at the member’s expense.

4. Tyre Change Assistance: If within the service limits member’s vehicle has a flat tyre and require assistance, we will arrange to change member’s flat tyre and replace it with the spare tyre supplied with member’s vehicle. We can assist you to change the tyre providing the correct, serviceable and inflated spare tyre is available in the vehicle and that the vehicles own serviceable jack and wheel brace/tools are readily accessible within the vehicle for use by the contractor. If we cannot change the tyre for any reason, e.g. deflated spare tyre, missing locknuts, faulty wheel studs & nuts, faulty or missing tyre changing equipment, vehicle in unsafe position, angle or on unstable terrain, then within the Service Limits, a tow will be provided to the nearest tyre repairer.

5. Lockouts: If you have locked member’s keys within member’s vehicle or lost member’s keys, then subject to satisfactory proof of member identification and with the vehicle owner’s authority we can refer a service provider to assist entry to the vehicle.

Please Note: Regarding item 5, Lockouts; attempting to gain entry to member’s vehicle by any other means other than a key or keyless transponder can result in damage to member’s vehicle. Allianz Worldwide Partners and its service providers will not accept liability for any damage caused as a result of gaining entry or attempting to gain entry to member’s vehicle.