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AWP Roadside Assistance Services (“RAS”) offer reliable and secure roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Malaysia. The RAS is provided by AWP Services Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 1120895-X) (“AWP”). The RAS will only be rendered to the Vehicle specified in Schedule I (“Vehicle”) during the period as stated in Schedule I (“Period”). The person subscribing to RAS as named in Schedule I (“Member”) or driver and/or passenger(s) who is driving or riding as a passenger boarding or alighting from the Vehicle with the permission of the Member must call the 24-Hour assistance hotline number +603 2161 0055 to request for the RAS. This Member Agreement provides for the terms and conditions of the RAS.

RAS Subscription Criteria

Subscription is available to owner or driver of a Vehicle that is roadworthy and well-maintained. Subscription is personal to the Member, his/her Vehicle and non-transferable.

Packages of RAS

The different plans – Main Plan and Additional Plan are as set out in Appendix I of this Member Agreement.

Call Out

A Member is eligible for a call out but if the Vehicle is not a roadworthy, well maintained and related to a pre-existing condition, the call may still be attended by AWP, but this may be subject to an additional cost which will be informed by AWP at or after the time of the call-out.

Cooling-Off Period

There is a 48-hour cooling-off period for RAS following the processing and approval of subscription application. Cancellation within the 48-hour cooling-off period will be eligible for a full refund of the subscription fee paid without any charge. In the event of cancellation after the 48-hour cooling-off period after payment has been made, the Member will receive a refund pro-rated to the number of remaining days of coverage or 5% of the Annual Subscription paid, whichever the greater.

Call Out during Cooling-Off Period

If assistance is required within the initial 48 hours of commencement of the subscription or at any time in relation to a pre-existing condition, a service fee of RM 150.00 (exc. GST) (in addition to any subscription cost) will be charged. This additional fee covers the initial call-out of RAS only excluding access to any other entitlements under the subscription for any incident that occurs within the initial 48 hours from commencement of the subscription.

Details of RAS

The services and benefits under RAS must be read together with Appendix I of these terms and conditions. All plans under RAS include the following benefits and whenever applicable, the threshold for each benefit is set out in the plan details in Appendix I.

In the event of any inconsistency between the following and Appendix I, Appendix I shall prevail and please refer to Appendix I for the Territorial Limits of the respective benefits:-

(i) Towing

If the Vehicle cannot be mobilized at the breakdown location and/or requires diagnosis, AWP will arrange to have the Vehicle to be towed to an authorized repairer or the Member’s preferred repairer or the Member’s home.

Towing is provided free of charge up to the kilometers limit set out for each plan from the breakdown location. All costs of towing above the limit, including subsequent tows, are the Member’s responsibility. Additional cost of towing is approximately RM3.00 per kilometer but subject to changes according to prevailing market rates.

In the event of an accident, AWP will assist to tow the Vehicle to an authorized repairer and the cost of towing may be claimable according to the terms of the Member’s motor insurance policy, if applicable. This towing service includes breakdown or accident that happens due to the flood (where applicable).

Please note that this benefit does not apply if the Vehicle has been fitted with a body that requires heavy haulage towing due to height, width or length. In those circumstances, AWP will coordinate towing for the Vehicle, but all costs will be the Member’s responsibility.

(ii) Minor Roadside Assistance

AWP will dispatch a service provider, up to the kilometers threshold set for each plan calculated from the nearest attending service provider. In any event AWP will not be responsible for the cost of any parts or components for the roadside repair of the Vehicle, other than minor breakdown repairs to facilitate the immediate mobilization of the Vehicle up to the maximum labor hours as specified in each plan per event. AWP will also not be responsible or liable for any costs arising from work carried out by a repairer chosen by the Member or recommended repairer by AWP other than for immediate mobilization of the car, and all such costs for additional repairs undertaken by a repairer are the Member’s responsibility.

The minor roadside assistance includes: battery jump start, battery replacement, spare wheel replacement and refueling.

In the event of flat or faulty batteries, AWP will assist to jump start flat batteries or coordinate battery replacement. The cost of a replacement battery (such as, but not limited to, the supply and delivery of a new battery) shall be borne by the Member.

Flat tires will be changed using the Vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel or if necessary, the Vehicle will be towed to an approved tire outlet or authorized repairer, whichever is the nearest. Should additional services be required beyond this due to multiple flat tires, the spare tire being unserviceable, or the unavailability of replacement wheel studs or locking wheel nut key, towing is provided free of charge up to the towing limits specified.

In the event that the Vehicle has run out of fuel, AWP will deliver sufficient petrol or diesel fuel for the vehicle to travel to the nearest available refueling facility.

(iii) Alternative Transportation

Subject to Appendix I, in the event of a breakdown involving the Vehicle and should the Member, driver and/or passenger(s) require taxi or car rental, AWP shall refer and assist to arrange for taxi or car rental.

(iv) Arrangement for Hotel Accommodation

Subject to Appendix I, in the event of a breakdown involving the Vehicle and should the Member, driver and/or passenger(s) require hotel accommodation, AWP shall assist the Subscriber, driver and/or passenger(s) to organize hotel reservation.

(v) International Assistance

In the event of breakdown or accident involving the Vehicle while in Singapore , Thailand and Brunei, the Member or driver is entitled to free towing services to the nearest authorized repairer chosen by AWP within Singapore, Thailand and Brunei . AWP may assist the Member in organizing the repatriation of the Vehicle to Malaysia. However, all repatriation costs shall be borne by the Member.

(vi) Arrangement of Emergency Evacuation

If a medical emergency arises following breakdown or accident, AWP will use its reasonable endeavor to arrange for an ambulance or other means of transportation to send the Member, driver and/or passenger(s) to the nearest medical Centre or hospital. All cost shall be borne by the Member, driver and/or passenger(s).

(vii) Referral to Service Centre

The Member may contact AWP to arrange for referral to the nearest repair and service center for car servicing or repair. AWP shall also arrange for prior appointment for the Member or driver if so required. All costs incurred shall be borne by the Member.

(viii) Emergency Message Transmission

In the event of an emergency following breakdown or accident involving the Vehicle, AWP shall endeavor to keep the Member or driver’s next of kin informed of Member or driver’s whereabouts. This benefit is only applicable for the Member.

(ix) Exclusions and limitations

AWP provides general roadside assistance. AWP will not be responsible for the cost of any parts or components for the roadside repair of the Vehicle, other than minor breakdown repairs. Please also note the benefits in these terms and conditions do not apply in the event of any of the following circumstances:

RAS is also subject to:

Data Privacy

The Member hereby consent and authorize AWP at any time and from time to time to process, including but not limited to, access, obtain, verify collect, use, store, and/or disclose personal data or information (“Data”) relating to the Member from any sources for the purposes provided in this Member Agreement and incidental hereto.

“Data” includes any public and non-public data or information from any source in relation to the Member and/or the Member’s directors, officers, representatives (where applicable).

In addition, without prejudice to AWP’s rights to disclose the Data or information relating to the Member under any applicable law or regulation, the Member hereby consents and authorize to the communication and disclosure by AWP of the Data or information relating to the Member:-

By submitting any Data:-

Appendix I


Main Plan

agreement Additional Plan

agreement **These Additional Plan are mainly meant for Member who already have a normal basic towing coverage from other service provider but would want to top up the aforesaid available benefits**